Deadline for receiving Poster theme and Abstracts: October 01, 2015


Papers based on original work in the areas in coherence with the...




Executive Committees:
Finance Committee:
Chairman:  Dr. K. Narayan Prabhu
Convenors: Dr. M. Rizwanur Rahman
                      Dr. Sreeram K. Kalpathy

Call For Papers

Papers based on original work in the areas in coherence with the theme of the symposium are invited for presentation in poster mode.Poster presentations provide an opportunity for interchange of ideas between the presenter and audience interested in his/her study. The poster should be outlined so the research can be understood without an oral explanation.

Symposium Awards

Three of the presented papers will be awarded as best poster presenters at MIRMM - 2015.

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Dept. of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering,
NITK Surathkal,
P. O. Srinivasnagar,
Mangalore, Karnataka - 575025,


Organizing Secretary

Prof. A. O. Surendranathan,




Treasurer / Chairman

Prof. K. Narayan Prabhu (Treasurer)



Prof. K. R. Udupa (Chairman)